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The Arkansas PCG Central Section Ministries

PCG Empowered Women's Ministries

Empowered Womens Ministries

The Women's Ministries Department exists to empower women to fulfill their God-ordained destinies. We are God's daughters and we will make a difference in our world in these last days. We serve women of all ages!

PCG Impact Student Youth Ministries

Impact Youth Ministries

We are about influencing children and teens to be leaders in their communities, their schools, their churches, their homes, and IN THEIR WORLD. We are about living out words like hope, love, faith, courage, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and heart and soul. We are about encouraging students to climb to their mountain tops, to feed and clothe the poor and hungry, walk down narrow paths, believe the impossible, fish for men and introduce them to the one true God, His son, and the Holy Spirit.Youth ministry opportunities that we proudly offer are: Youth Rallies, Youth Camps, District Youth Choir, District/National Talent Expo and IBQ (Bible Quizzing), Missions, AIM (Accelerated Institute of Ministry), District Youth ReCharge services, Sectional Leadership and Section Youth positions.

PCG Kingsmen Men's Ministries

Kingsmen Ministries

Men’s Ministry is about that very challenge-to do something about the emotions and endless circumstances bringing pressure beyond reason and driving men to do things they thought they would never do. Indeed, Men’s Ministry is designed to reach men outside of the church through this “bond-making,” creating a bridge from the outside into the very heart of the church. In fact, Men’s Ministry is about creating an atmosphere of fulfillment. This program then is about more than filling time. It is about lives, the very soul of the men in every local congregation and community. In retrospect, Men’s Ministry affects the lives of every family that they represent.


We have various outreaches in our section such as In Your Hands Ministries food pantry located at Full Gospel Temple in care of Rev. Ken Mullen and the food pantry at Conway located at Calvary Temple PCG in care of Rev. Joann Cross.

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